I Need a Firewall For Home Office

I am building a small network in my home and need a good firewall. After some reading I see there are various types of firewall technology out there. I don’t know what to get. I was fancied by the NGFW’s but they seem pricey. I want the latest tech, but small scale for my budget.

I don’t know what to get. I have up to around $100 - $250 to invest. The less the better. Any help is greatly appreciated. After reading this, it makes me want CheckPoint Software, but I am not sure on that assessment. The graph near the bottom of course appeals to ignorant folks such as myself. I would prefer a non subscription based service and would rather not have a company scanning my network, rather the hardware and software would be fine.

I would like to consider something that does TLS/SSL encrypted traffic inspection.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many Firewalls that provide threat management feeds and do SSL inspection have subscriptions to cover the cost of those feeds. One good one we suggest is Untangle Home Pro Untangle at Home | Untangle which costs $150 annauly.

For a good firewall that does not offer much in the way of SSL inspection the Netgate hardware running pfsense is good.

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From what I can tell at first glance, packet inspection can be increase your risk surface. I would rather not pay for a service where any company could decide to inspect “their” traffic, ie ISPs like Comcast. Would it be safe to argue that those older tp link r600 or r605 vpn routers could be safe bet? There are two models, 60$ and 90$ retrospectively.

I did check out the netgate 1100, I feel they possibly could be a better way to go? The latest mdoel of firewall, or generation at least, I think the 1100 would be newer than the tl r605 or tl r600, this possibly the best route? (pun intended). that would be 200$.

I guess I will ask, can the r600 /r605 do the same as the 1100? What would be the real world differences, (noticable)?


The Netgate pfsense system has way more features than the TP Link.

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Cheers, so a 200$ firewall it is. I would ask, is this the best option then for that price range, the 1100 netgate?

Outside of getting some used hardware and building it your self there is not really many good ones under $200, so yes the Netgate 1100.

Okay well, the order is in. I got myself an 1100 netgate device. :slight_smile: Thanks for the recommendations!