I have 10 short reels of "new" OM1 fiber LC/SC - 40m and 50m

About a year ago, I made a purchase of a total of 10 reels of OM1 fiber pre-terminated with LC/SC connectors from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Admittedly, it was an impulse buy—I knew it was fiber but I didn’t know that it was OM1 (or what OM1 was for that matter). I figured they would take forever for the ReStore to sell given the nature of the business, and I thought I might be able make a bit of money reselling on eBay. I decided to throw caution to the wind because even if it was a total loss, I still gave $100 to a good cause.

In case you hadn’t guessed, I haven’t been able to sell any of them on eBay and I’ve spent far more on packing materials than I spent on the fiber itself. It has been nearly a year and my partner won’t let me forget that they take up a lot of space in our spare bedroom/home office space. At this point, I just want them gone and I’ve accepted this as a total loss apart from the learning experience.

@LTS_Tom, For sake of my own curiosity, is it still possible or practical to put such cable to use, even if just in an eccentric home lab?

Also, if you would like any of these for yourself, please let me know–I will give them to you–I just ask that you pay for shipping since I have already sunk more than my cost and the cost of shipping into packaging because its fragile.

I have 3 reels at 40m, and 7 at 50m. They appear to be new old stock and the 50m reels still have QC labels with signatures on them. The reels still have the original plastic shrink wrap. I have not tested them because I don’t have any transceivers or card to accept required transceivers.