I finally broke freenas! aka, just my luck

This happened while removing my junk data aka temp folder via SCP… system crashes anytime it tries to mount the array, wont even boot up the web ui… ~120ish TB of dead pool… gunna try to read only mount and copy whatever is saveable to a secondary array, thank god nobody has bought all the harddrives yet… bout to go spend a couple paychecks on drives & see how this goes… (i have cloud backups but the cost to pull the whole 120tb back just for my homelab would be insane!!!) Im hoping to only find a few dead files so i can backup everything and only have 2 pay to pull back whatever ends up corrupled… wish me luck!!!

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Damn, I feel for you :slightly_frowning_face:

Some cloud providers peer with each other for free, so it may be worth copying it all to a provider with 0 or low egress rates if that’s an option.

Recovery is underway!! Mounted the zfs pool read only with a debian live disc and am currently backing up the array so i can wipe it & reload it… so far i have seen zero data loss or corruption so im very optimistic…