Hypervisor vSwitch/SDN Comparison

I would love to see a collab video with Tom and Jay to show the direct comparison of a similar example between Proxmox and XCP-ng on the following topics. I think it’d do a good job of introducing both audiences to the nuances (and potential benefits) of how the two hypervisors approach networking.

I’d specifically like to see how to configure trunk lines to different interfaces. With XCP-ng, I feel like this is very straightforward, but not with Proxmox.

Example: If I have two internet feeds coming in on vlan 100 and 200, and I have internal traffic on 10, 20, 30, and 40, how could I create two three physical interfaces on a VM and route 100 to one 200 to the other, and 10,20,30,4 to the third? This is simple in XCP-ng, but not Proxmox. I don’t care if it’s a pfSense demo or something else – it’s the VM interface configuration that I really care about seeing, but I’m ok utilizing any demo scenario that helps the audience understand why you might want to filter VLANs this way.

I think showing the two configurations with both a traditional configuration (XCP-ng vswitch vs Proxmox’s bridge/interface config) and their SDN options would be good.

I also think it’s important to show solutions that would work for layer 2 applications. There are several tutorials out that highlight layer 3 specific routing, but I’ve got quite a few applications that are strictly layer 2, and layer 3 routing options don’t work for them.\

The first part of comparing VLAN setup is going to certainly show that XCP-NG is easier. The SDN part is just too new in Proxmox and I don’t know anyone who has really used it in depth.

I’ll cast my vote for the video. I have limited experience in Promox and have never used XCP-ng. A comparison would help me to decide if the learning curve of XCP-ng is worth the trouble.

Here is the basics for proxmox