Hypervisor - Dedicated Server

I currently have a dedicated hosted server and wondering if I can get some feedback to which hypervisor would work best. I know there’s proxmox, Vmware ESXI, Hyper-v, and XCP-NG. Any recommendations.

I think it depends on what you needs are so we can help give a recommendation.

I’m mostly doing websites so nothing too fancy since its a hosted server so is not like a home lab situation. I’m currently using VMware ESXI 7.0 at the moment. I did however was using proxmox without subscription.

This is one of those, it depends.

Hyper-V will require licensing the correct MS product, a single Datacenter license allows the use of 5 included Windows Server VM’s. I don’t know how well Linux/Unix VMs work in Hyper-V.

Are there any commercial limitations on the free version of Proxmox or ESXi? I know almost nothing about these tools.

XCP-NG can be used for commercial purposes for free.

Also depends, what kind of storage do you have on this server?

Also are these production websites or demo of sites you build before a customer moves them to their servers?

And finally, can this be done with numerous Docker/Podman containers? That might allow flexibility in both the OS and the function of the server. And yes I ask because I don’t know enough about Docker/Podman yet to know if this is a solution to your problem, but maybe it can be a solution.

I think VMware ESXi is a solid choice and both Proxmox and XCP-ng work well too. I’m also a fan of public cloud like AWS and Azure for workloads such as websites. They make it really easy to scale.

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i personally have a hosted server for personal websites and portfolio. I don’t make money out of it so is just something i wanted to have since I like to tinker servers.


I have a full spec dedicated server with 32GB so i decide create a VPS using hypervisor rather than purchasing aws or azure or any other scalable product.

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