Hyper v cannot access service port

I have a hyper v with an external switch running Ubuntu and a service inside the vm on port 16157. When I try to access the wan:port from my host machine and/or vm it doesn’t work. I tried nat reflection in pfsense and it didn’t work. Would ha proxy work? or what’s the best option for me to gain access to their service I have running.

Does this system Ubunut have an internal IP that is behind pfsense? Can this system reach the pfesnse and get out to the internet?

The vm with the Ubuntu operating system has a dhcp address and no I can’t access my router from the vm but I do have internet access.

Then you will have to setup the forward in whatever routing device is in front of it.

Okay I have upnp configured (can’t use port forwarding) with default deny and allow rules for each vm. Do I need to setup static mapping and outbound rules for each vm?

I don’t really know your setup well enough.

I can access the port now. I have three interfaces WS1, WS2 and LAN. I have a mini pc with hyper v on WS1 with upnp enable (deny upnp checked, allow rule for the device and ports). Are their any additional security measures I could use?