Hybrid GPU on Linux?

I have a Lenovo laptop I got a year ago. Been rolling on Win10 since it has dual GPUs, but really want to get back on Linux. From what I can find, hybrid GPU seems to be a mixed bag. It looks like popos has a way of doing it, but I am not real crazy about popos. I was hoping to just run Debian or Fedora. I have seen things taking about the popos module being able to be installed in Ubuntu based distros, what about Debian since Ubuntu is built on Debian?

The other kink I am seeing and might be the killer. The hardware it’s self. The CPU is a 5800u with Radeon iGPU. And then there is a 3060 for the heavy lifting. It seems the popos hybrid solution is built around Intel CPU and iGPU setups. Not seeming much on AMD. I guess in the worst case scenario I can just use the nVidia GPU, but the power efficiency will dip a fair bit.

Any thoughts here? Solutions or maybe a distro to look at that has this sorted out a but better?

So, I just ended up diving in. Debian was dead in the water, no support for the wifi built into the laptop. And none of the drivers I could find worked to get it working. Installed Fedora instead with the 6.0 kernel and wifi worked out of the box.

From there it was on to getting things dialed in and the GPU’s sorted. As of right now I only have the Nvidia GPU working. Dynamic/hybrid is not working yet. Still playing with that. But I have found one oddity. I am using KDE for my DE. After disabling the iGPU and switching fully to the nvidia chip the scaling of the DE was messed up. Everything was bigger, like I cranked up the scaling in the settings or dropped the resolution down. Neither was the case. So far the only solution I have found to fix it is to not use X and boot into Wayland instead. So far it seems to be working well. I guess time will tell though.