Huntress OR SentinelOne

Looking to move from that traditionally endpoint security into a new solution that better protects our endpoints not only against AV, but malware and unknown threats, etc. Also, as the team here is very limited, need something that can look after itself and doesn’t need a lot of baby sitting. Sends pertinent notifications and won’t inundate you. :slight_smile:

Been looking at Huntress, seems very hands off, leverages Defender now, looks like a good solution. Started a trial with their solution. A few other, larger, companies in my space though I know are using SentinelOne. I’m still waiting for pricing but I’m guessing it’s going to be more, but their product also seems more robust, looking at the Singularity Control solution.

Question is, how to decide? I have about 150 endpoints. Nothing to complicated. I know @LTS_Tom indicated they use both and I’m sure that is even better, but we will only be able to afford one, so how do I choose? One is a bit cheaper, but will do the job, one is pricier but is it worth the extra expense?

If anyone has experience with either that they could post briefly about, I would appreciate it. What did you like, not like, etc.


I have reviews of both of them here, the full S1 with their auto remediation will probably be more hands off compared to the Huntress/Defender only.

Thanks Tom! I did watch your videos on both Huntress and SentinelOne.

Hey Tom, Now that you have been using S1 Complete and NinjaOne (Assumption from videos) are you still using Huntress? If so, what benefit are you getting from it? We are looking at switching to the S1 Complete package in Ninja. Which is a huge upgrade from Webroot! Lol! We also have Huntress and Emsisoft that we are going to replace with S1. So I am looking for any input.

We still us Huntress with S1 because Huntress never has false positives.

@LTS_Tom if you had to pick only one, would you go with S1 Complete or Huntress + Managed Defender? Seems like they are competing projects and not complimentary.

I’m using NinjaOne and Malwarebytes but looking to replace Malwarebytes.

For now we are using both, but if HAD to give one up, it would be S1. But I don’t give one up because I think it’s worth it to have both.

Would love to see a video on how you configure them to run together. Which settings conflict, etc.

No settings conflict, just install both tools.

After reviewing and testing both, we ended up going with S1 Complete along with their Vigilance solution.