Huntress Labs, good or bad?


I have just completed a trial of huntress labs and it seems to work. A couple of minor things were found but nothing bad was found.

Has anyone else tried this service? Is it any good? Where would you deploy it? Anything else working in that space?

Would appreciate views on this service. Thanks.


I had a decent experience with my sales person and had a good insight into what they actually do.
Since security is focusing more on the endpoint now than in years past its an interesting option. Specifically, if you have a lot of click-happy users.
In my testing, it found Ask toolbar artifacts and they looked at a hand full of startup items that were very interesting.

On your test, did you find the instructions on remediation decent to follow along with?


We are using them and I like them a lot. I will be doing a video soon about their product and how it works. Their NOC team has been great to work with and the incident remediation instructions are really good.


The few customers that I tried it with brought up zero issues. There were 2 issues on my own PC which were false positives. Maybe I need to get more “exciting” customers!

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@clogboy Consider yourself blessed.

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