Huntress Labs and Sentinel One

I recently started a trial with Huntress, used it in house and haven’t really experienced much of what it can do as a a result of internal testing. I did initiate contact with the sales team who were friendly enough and the pricing is a lot lower than I expected.

I guess the only real test after running it internally would be to roll out the trial on client machines and see what happens, if the dashboard starts to populate with data.

We use Solarwinds (as you do), with solarwinds offering sentinel one at very reasonable pricing, are you sticking with huntress or planning to take a look at moving towards senintel one? Maybe separate offerings.

Btw have you ever tried using discourse from a mobile phone, complete pain in the butt where the keyboard covers what you are typing, correcting mistakes is near impossible.


We are still using Huntress, and I don’t use Discourse much.

That was short and sweet :slight_smile:

I was curious if you were/had looked at sentintel one and how it compared to huntress.

Also, you forums are running on discourse, though you may be aware of that.

I have not tested Sentinel One and I meant to say that I did not use Discourse on mobile app, just via the web interface. I don’t load anything on my phone that I don’t really need.

Cheers Tom, I know you’re a busy fella.

Would be interested to see you do a video/review on Sentinel One, especially since the pricing structure [from Solarwinds] is comparable to that of Huntress, sure others would be interested in that also.

The Discourse thing, sorry went off topic with that, wasn’t aware [if] there is a mobile app for it, I was using a browser on mobile the experience was pretty unusable, wasn’t sure if you were aware, caught my attention as we use the same software for our forums and after reviewing ours the results are just as bad.