Huawei P30 & Servers In China It Contact. Also using pfsense & Wireshark to test my Pixel 2 XL


The new #HuaweiP30

& Discussion about the Servers In China It Contacts. Also How I used


& Wireshark to test my Pixel 2 XL to see where it goes


First of all, thanks Tom for all your videos. It really helped me a lot and I know of so many others too that you’re videos helped them alot, so cheers to you!

I have tried the same for one of my IOT devices at home a while back (I guess you’ve inspired me with PfSense and security…) and the device was talking back to an Amazon server which tells me nothing about the company or their security practices and/or government affiliation.

My question to you is, why not give them the benefit of the doubt that those servers are actually hosting servers based in China, like or the others the phone was talking back to?

I’m asking, not trying to point fingers etc. Just want to start an honest conversation since I know we’ll all have something to add here.


He does kind of give them the benefit of the doubt towards the end of the video. His whole point was that because the code is not open for us to inspect then it is suspect. It could be doing nothing or it could be giving out everything. We don’t know and can’t know. Better to be safe.

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As I noted in the video, we can see what country the IP belongs to but due to the encryption there is not a way to see WHAT data they are sending. But my making videos that show the methods used more people may think about it which will lead to more research. :slight_smile:


Pe3zx admitted an error with his methodology on this one…

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Couldn’t agree more. As I stated I guess you already inspired me to do my own research on these scenarios.

Keep it up.