HPE Gen10 w/Nvme SSD + Proxmox best practices


We recently purchased a new HPE DL385 Gen10 Plus server, with 3x MU 1.62 TB Nvme drives.
Our idea is to install Proxmox, create a ZFS RAID Z-1 for Filemaker Server, which is usually really happy under fast IO Nvme SSD.

The question is, what would be the best (and cost-effective) boot option? According to HPE support, none of the M.2 SSDs are supported to use as a boot drive.
1, Purchase a smaller SFF HPE SSD?
2, There is an internal SATA port, should we install an enterprise-grade SSD?
3, Utilizing the internal USB port with a thumb drive?
4, HPE has a special stick with 2 microSD cards?

I would really appreciate some experienced advice. Thank you!

I would go enterprise SSD as it should be the most stable over time.

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