HP Procurve 2848 J4904A replacement

I need to replace a HP Procurve 2848 J4904A switch. The new switch does need two SFP ports and 48 ports. It will support POE powered UniFi access points. Dependency is more important than cost.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

You might want to have a look at FS PoE Switches - Power over Ethernet Enterprise Campus Switches - FS United Kingdom

Used Cisco 2960S with the P option for power and maybe D option for two SFP and two 10gb SFP+ (52 ports)? (about $200 or less) More money but a used 2960X is more recent.

Extreme 5420 series will do what you want, but will be in the $6000usd range.

Juniper has something in the EX3400 series and a little cheaper than the Extreme, but probably still going to be $4000 to $5000 unless you buy it used.

Why not a UniFi switch?

I’ll have to look into the FS a little deeper, I need 128+ ports at work and some need POE+. When asking for stuff like this I’m finding cheaper goes over better, but need to make sure it will do what I need.

Thanks, Greg_E and neogrid. I’m open to UniFi switches. I will seek out their options.

Look at the FS stuff too, they have some interesting configurations and prices are decent. I just sent them a message with my needs for work to see what they might suggest. And then started to look on ebay for used models for my lab, need some 10gb for the lab servers and trying to decide what I want to buy.

I’ve spent some time looking at the FS products now, I’m really liking the S5860-24XB-U.

The multi-gig on each of the 24 ports is nice, the POE++ is nice, firmware/OS available to anyone is nice. The only real downside I see is that you can only stack with the 10GB or 25GB connections, so 50GB throughput. Not a lot different from other manufacturers offerings, but a little low for the next step up the food chain products where 160GB+ is possible. I just wish they had a 48 port version.

Their multi-gig is 100m/1g/2.5g/5g/10g which offers a lot of options going forward. I have several 100m devices on my network so something I need to consider when looking at switches.

The other downside is 5 year warranty vs lifetime for other products in similar categories. I have a meeting with Juniper this afternoon, but I think it will end with their lack of security updates without a support contract. My work will not pay for these when they could get them free with other manufacturers. Juniper has some nice stuff too, but I can’t bring myself to look at their stuff for work. For home lab you need to “find” their OS updates much like you have to “find” Cisco updates. All this is less than ideal and something that switch manufacturers need to change. You can charge for feature additions, but security updates NEED to be free to anyone with a serial number, no strings attached!