HP Microserver Gen10 with TrueNAS Scale Doesn't POST

Hi Team,

Bit of a random one. I’ve got an HP Microserver Gen10, the bigger one, with TrueNAS Scale installed on an SSD and 4 WD Red Pro drives in a ZFS pool.

The system works well. It’s fast and TrueNAS Scale is great, however, when the system is shutdown and sometimes rebooted, it doesn’t POST. No display output. All lights are green and there is network activity. It’s like, the lights are on but no body’s home. I power it down and plug a mouse OR keyboard in and it POSTs totally fine.

Any ideas? I’ve Googled a bit with no results, really.

Oh, and does anyone know if anyone has a TrueNAS Scale alternative to Synology’s Active Backup for Microsoft365?


I have not worked with the HP Microservers but as for the backups, I am no aware of anything in the TrueNAS Scale apps that offers the same level of features as you get with Synology Active Backup.