How To Use Wireshark For SIP Capture & Phone Call Audio Playback

This was really interesting, and an area I need to learn more about.

I agree fun video brought back memories. was something I turned to for a long term sip analytic and quality of service monitoring tool. Free open source etc.

used t his many times, often just to show the customer that it is not the PBX that is the problem it is probably the callers cellphone that have a bad connection haha.
it is realy nice with firewalls that have packet capture built in so you can capture both from wan and lan side.

Looking to move to VOIP.MS but I do not need a PBX at this time call features will suffice for current needs eg. forwarding, waiting, 3 way. What model of Sangoma phone were you using want to avoid buy the wrong phone. Thanks in advance .

The demo was done with a Sangoma S505 but it should work with other similar models as well.