How to troubleshoot pfsence incorrectly blocking a website

It seems pfsence is blockeing access to an ordinary website -
Browser says -

Access Denied
You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
Reference #18.eac83017.1701107286.a2fb6a09

Each time I refresh the page, I get a slightly different reference number.
Then if I connect my laptop to the cable modem (to bypass pfsence) then the page loads normally

Where can I see exactly what is going on, and what rule if any is causing this so I remedy it? I have looked at Firewall>PfblockerNG>Alerts and my computer IP is not listed for a block. Then I disabled pfBlockerNG completly and did a reload.
I then looked at Status>SystemLogs>Firewall and not seeing my IP, or the website which is blocked.
I welcome and advice.

probably a pfBlockerNG rule set that is blocking ads served from homedepot

Turns out a rule was not being applied due to insufficient memory, and once I increased the ‘Firewall Maximum Table Entries’ then the rule was applied and the site was then accessible