How To Setup VLANS With pfsense & UniFI

Hi All,

Following the video on youtube, I setup an sg-3100 and 24 port poe unifi switch. I created and assigned a vlan to the lan1 port. I setup and enabled dhcp as well as created an allow all rule for the vlan. I also configured the switch per the video. As soon as I change my switch port profile to match the vlan, the switch attempts to provision and disconnects. I can successfully ping the lan, vlan, and access the internet. I know i’m overlooking something. Does 802.1q VLAN mode have to be enabled on the sg-3100 for this to work? Ultimately, I would like to have several vlans assigned to the lan1 port of the sg-3100.

Thanks, LT

Sounds like you have a mis-configuration somewhere.

Personally, I just keep the LAN and WAN on the router, the remaining ports are on a LAGG to the switch. Don’t really use the LAN for anything, it’s just there, everything else is on vLans.

Once you have set-up the vLans in Pfsense and configured on your switch they will work when you connect the two.