How To Setup VLANs With pfsense & UniFI 2022 [YouTube Release]

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:stopwatch: Timestamps :stopwatch:
00:00 VLANs With pfsense & UniFI
02:00 IEEE 8021.Q VLAN 101 Basics
05:54 pfsenwse UniFi Network Setup
08:50 Defining VLANs in pfsense
10:17 Defining VLANs in UniFi
14:27 Using VLAN to create switched networks

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You made this video and said you will make follow up video for small business set up. Can you take a look at my this post and see if you can mention something like that -

So, I wanna get some feedback. After watching this YouTube release. I have a cloud key gen2 plus, and I wanted to know which model is this UniFi switch is currently use with this video. Can this switch do what the cloud key the same! I’m not sure if everyone have answer this before, but I like to know and of course, I am running PF Sense on a custom 64-bit system.