How to setup QoS on Pfsense for Microsoft Teams

Hi @LTS_Tom

Have you or anyone else here successfully setup QoS for Microsoft Teams on Pfsense?
I see some info for either using Traffic Shaper or using a Floating Rule directly.

The Pfsense traffic shaper Wizard has only pre-built in classifications, I cannot define any of the custom ports needed for Ms Teams according to their documentation, I am at a bit of a loss for how to utilize this.

I attempted to create my own floating rule with a few iterations, but no Teams traffic gets picked up by this rule.

Some of the information I have gathered.

MS guide for QoS:

Attempt on reddit @ implementing floating rule for QoS:

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I don’t have an answer, but this does bring up some work I’ll need to look into for NDI and Dante on my network.

I do have some snark! How exactly do they think we can control this aspect of their recommendations:

  • ISP to Microsoft network edge – 3 hops

I have at least 6 hops that are far from our control to get anywhere on the web, and one of those seems to be a “mom n’ pop” controlled router that always gives us problems! Half the time that router won’t even report who it is, just get a *** back in the traceroute.

End of snark, sorry, I just had to mention that. Not sure when I’ll be looking into this, so I can’t say if I find something I’ll let you know. It may be months before I get my NDI and Dante stuff going. Also, I don’t control our Teams stuff, and asking the guy that does would be “a process” (which I’d like to avoid). If I run into my network guys I’ll ask them if they put any QOS on the switchgear to handle Teams, but I’d guess the answer is yes, right along with our VoIP phones.