How to Setup Pfsense VLANS with pfsense & mikrotik cAP

Hello, I have a pfsense SG-3100 box, following the tutorial on Netgates website, I have managed to set up a VLAN but for some reason, I’m not able to ping the VLAN gateway or even access the internet from any device on the VLAN. DHCP is working fine, my firewall rule is set to any/any (allowed everything for testing purposes), outbound nat settings have also been set, have I missed something?

Are you sure you have the MikroTik properly? Are you sending all vlans to it?

Hey @LTS_Tom, as someone who is relatively new to MikroTik, I would appreciate an explanation of how to accomplish this on the access point, or if possible, a link to a tutorial that can guide me through the process. I understand that setting up VLAN tagging on the MikroTik is necessary, but I find the procedure somewhat challenging and would benefit from a more straightforward explanation or step-by-step guide.

I don’t use Mikrotik so I don’t really have any suggestions but I think there’s a few people on YouTube who might have some tutorials.

@jay.e Did you manage to resolve your VLAN setup issue on the Mikrotik cAP?

Hey @chaz I didn’t, planning to get a unifi AP and finish the setup