How to route internet through site to site vpn

I need to double vpn (The reason why is not privacy but something else which I cant go into) One of the VPN is not managed by me. Essentially to use the vpn which is not managed by me I need to vpn to my home and since I am not home I need to double vpn.

I have tried site to site vpn on my pfsense boxes with openvpn and I was able to access my resources at home but it took out internet for everyone the firewall had internet and the resources on the other site were accessible but nothing other than that was accessible (Likely some nat issue) with this I also tried looking up my ip and it was still the public ip of the local pfsense and not the remote pfsense. How do I set this so I route everything like the vpn was on the computer but for the whole site?

There is a guide from pfsense on how to route internet through a site to site but the instructions on it are not very clear. Any help is greatly appreciated. (And this is not a permanent thing, I do want to limit to a single ip so essentially only my pc’s traffic gets routed over the site to site)

I have 1G symmetric in both places so that should not be the issue fingers crossed

You’ll need two things: a firewall rule with a modified gateway and an outbound NAT rule.

On your home pfSense, you will have an interface for the remote access VPN (to which you connect when on the go) and one for the site-to-site VPN.

Create a rule on the former that allows access to the internet (or whatever outbound network you want) and under Advanced Options, set the gateway to the address that belongs to the remote pfSense of the site-to-site VPN. You may need to create an appropriate gateway first under System → Routung → Gateways. Traffic coming from a road warrior will be subject to this rule and the modified gateway leads to this traffic being forwarded to the remote end of the site-to-site VPN.

Then, create an outbound NAT rule on the site-to-site VPN interface that rewrites the source address to that interface’s address. This is required because the remote end of the site-to-site VPN would otherwise route responding traffic out its default gateway instead of back through the tunnel to your home pfSense.

I am confused there is only one openvpn interface and the nat does not show openvpn as an option in source or destination

If you only have one interface then it sounds like your “VPN not managed by you” is on your PC.

In which case just VPN home then RDP into your PC.

Then you probably haven’t yet assigned interfaces to the tunnels: Virtual Private Networks — OpenVPN — Assigning OpenVPN Interfaces | pfSense Documentation