How to passthrough my rtx 2080ti using a physical installation of windows 10 x64 located on the same PC where is installed XCP-ng


My goal is to boot the physical installation of Windows 10 (that’s located on the ssd disk of the PC where runs XCP-ng server) and to passthrough the RTX 2080 ti that’s installed on that pc. As soon as I have installed the XCP-ng center,I saw that I can passtrhough the whole gpu. Anwyay I don’t know if I can fool the nvidia driver of my RTX 2080 ti that will try to detect the hypervisor. I tried to do the same with esxi and it didn’t work well (each time windows 10 rebooted,the error 43 appeared). Is there a method to do that ? Can you suggest some good tutorials that I can follow ? In the picture below u can see that the center has recognized the rtx 2080 ti and it says that it can be passed totally :

anyway I want to use xen orchestra. Since I’m learning,I need some specific tutorials.

It’s not something that I have done any testing with so I am not much help on that.