How to Pass VLAN information to jails created within FreeNAS?

I’ve struggled with this issue now for a couple of days and by reading the forums over at freenas and reddit, it seems I’m not the only one.

I have a pfsense router (with two tagged VLANS 20/30 and untagged LAN) connected to Unifi switch ->FreeNAS. Within Freenas I have multiple jails and I’d like one of the jails to access VLAN30.

There are two physical cables connected to FreeNAS hardware - one connect to IPMI and the other igb0. igb0 is connected to a trunk port on Unifi Switch (Profiles All).

I created VLANs 20/30 within FreeNAS 11.2 U7 GUI. I believe creation of the vlans creates a bridge within freenas. I don’t know however how to configure the client/bridge(switch) with a native VLAN of 30 – or perhaps my thinking isn’t correct on this one.

I’ve tried but failed to get something like this to work. Try using tpcdump to confirm that you’re seeing data from the relevant network, both in the host freenas instance as well as in the jail. I could never get the jail to acknowledge network traffic - perhaps I missed something.

In the end, I had extra network ports on the machine, so I untagged the vlan traffic at the switch and pushed it onto a different cable. The additional bridge was still difficult to get working in Freenas - every time I boot, I need to manually activate the secondary bridge for the VLAN traffic - not an ideal situation. I’m probably going to move most of my containers and VM’s to a separate server running proxmox to fix the situation.


Well I managed to follow the reddit thread – I tagged VLAN1 traffic – so I know that’s working. VLAN30 traffic however – not so much. No route to host – Frustrating as hell.