How To Migrate From TrueNAS Core to TrueNAS Scale [YouTube Release]

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:stopwatch: Timestamps :stopwatch:
00:00 TrueNAS Core to TrueNAS Scale Upgrade
02:08 TrueNAS Core Backup
04:12 Install TrueNAS Scale via USB
05:20 Testing TrueNAS Scale
05:20 Replication & Cloud Tasks Conversion
07:58 Final Thoughts

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Here is some follow up on this project. Before doing the in place upgrade I had the system configured as a storage target for XCP-NG with both NFS and iSCSI. I ran series of FIO benchmarks using Phoronix, did the in place upgrade as shown in the video, then ran the same benchmarks again. Here are the results:

Now I have changed nothing on the system at all and have made no attempts yet to figure out why the TrueNAS Scale system was so much slower on for both NFS and iSCSI. But I have had some weird pausing issues that keep coming up on my other system using TrueNAS Scale using SMB. Overall I have not had any crashes that I can point to or things not work, just sub-par performance. I look at all of this as part of the beta testing and I am open to any ideas people might have to get things operating faster.

Those results are very impressive. Do you think it might have something to do with the in-place upgrade – although honestly the only thing being upgraded is really the disks that TrueNAS runs on – the data zfs disks aren’t really going to change.

Perhaps its the beta release.

I’m curious if you posted these numbers over on the TrueNAS forums. You honestly have the first head to head numbers that I’ve seen comparing the two setups on the same machine.

I did not post in their forums yet, not until I do some more testing. But I did post over on reddit


If you you perform in place migration and perform a zpool upgrade while running SCALE, can you reboot back to CORE?

Nope, if you upgrade the ZFS pool to a new version to my knowledge there is no way to go back.

I used this guide to migrate my Truenas Core installation to scale (22.02-RC.1-1). The migration appears to have gone ok in that all of the settings, etc, are maintained and my pools are still present. However, I have run into problems with SMB shares. There is clearly an ACL issue. I have read on the Truenas forums this may have to do with Linux not supporting NFSV4 ACLs. However, changing ACLs to POSIX doesn’t help. There are some posts again on the Truenas forums that suggest either the GUI method of changing ACLs is broken or perhaps can’t even be done with a datastore created in Core and migrated to Scale. Anyway, I don’t think Tom mentioned problems with SMB shares in his video and wanted to bring this up.

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At this mark you export the datasets. I do not have this option, any idea how to work around that?

Anyone able to do this without the “datasets” or how to back them up without that option. Seems like the made it really hard to get the datasets now.

I don’t understand the question “do this without datasets”