How to make Pfsense HAProxy respond 200 OK to health checks

I know that HAProxy can check the health of its backend (I’ve already configured this) but my question is How to make Pfsense HAP Roxy respond 200 OK to health checks on frontend

We ARE using AWS load balancer Infront of EC2 Pfsense instance which runs HAPorxy
So the AWS Target group dose a health check and expect a respond 200 OK to health check
At the moment it is failing to due health check fail

I have read that monitor-uri method can be used in HAPROXY . Can someone assist to achieve the same using PfsesneHAPROXY package

I don’t understand the goal. If you wanting to check if the HAProxy front end is working then just do a request with something such as curl.
curl -I https://YourFullDomain.ToYourHAProx.something
and you will get a response code that you can parse for a health check.

Hi Tom,

I am using Pfsense AWS EC2 instance, which has a haproxy service. It works fine and can access websites running on proxy. Here I am adding one more AWS service, “Application load balancer”, and it is pointing towards the website running on pfsesne haproxy

There is a health check requirement in it .Please refer screenshot . At the moment is failing , I believe
the website or HAPROXY not presenting success code 200 OK

is there anyway we can produce this result with in HAPROXY

Not something I am aware of how to do.