How to import encrypted pool

Hello Team,

I had a FreeNAS installed on my home system. and I up-grated the system last month, and after the upgrade it was working fine, until we had a power cut & I lost one of my boot drive (which was a pen-drive of 16 gigs). Even after this incident it was working fine on the backup boot drive (i.e. 2nd pen-drive of 16 gigs).

However after that incident, due to lock-down (COVID-19), I was not able to buy additional pen-drives to replace the faulty one. (However Amazon started the deliveries in our area last week) and I was able to place an order online for 2 new 32 gig pen-drives then.

However before I could receive the new pen-drives. we had multiple power cuts (at least 6-7 on less than 5 mins) and I lost the remaining boot drive due to this unfortunate event. (Which was also a pen-drive of 16 gigs). As this is a home NAS. I do not have it backed up anywhere else.

Before my second boot drive failed my system was running on FreeNAS-11.3-U3.1 .

Now I have received the 2 new pen-drives but not sure how I can recover my encrypted pool. as well as one that is not encrypted pool.

I’ve the encryption key and passphrase for the encrypted pool, but I do not have a clue about how to recover both the pools?

Can someone help me, PLEASE?


You can load FreeNAS on the new drives, restore from your backups

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