How to fully delete XCP-ng guest utilities?

Just checking to see if anyone has done this before. I used to install the guest utilities by mounting the iso provided with XCP-ng, but there seems to be a newer rust based version of the guest utilities: Rust guest tools 0.3.0

I’m just trying apt purge xe-guest-utilities for now, but it’s unclear if that will delete everything.

You can use apt-get remove and it will remove the old versions. The purge option will also remove configuration settings but I don’t think there are any in the utils.

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Yep, seems to have done it. Here’s an ansible playbook if anyone needs it:

- name: Deploy management agent on debian hosts
  hosts: debian

    - name: Delete old agent
        name: xe-guest-utilities
        state: absent
        purge: true
      register: old_agent

    - name: Reboot to clean old agent
      when: old_agent.changed

    - name: Copy APT repository list
        src: ./xen-guest-agent.list
        dest: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xen-guest-agent.list
        owner: root
        group: root
        mode: 0644

    - name: Install/update management agent
        name: xen-guest-agent
        state: present
        update-cache: true
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