How To Fix Bufferbloat in pfSense For Better Network Performance [YouTube Release]

Additional Resources:

Configuring CoDel Limiters for Bufferbloat

Traffic Shaper video by Mark Furneaux

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00:00 Bufferbloat in pfsense
01:09 Understanding Traffic Shaping & Traffic Prioritization
02:49 Testing for buffer bloat
03:41 How To Setup Limiters in pfsense
05:12 Creating Floating Firewall Rule
07:00 Troubleshooting Buffer Bloat Rules

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Awesome Tom!

Tried this out on a customer whose site who is served via a variable quality mobile 5g broadband router connection (no other choice)

Purely anecdotal but with multiple users on the network it’s really improved the overall “user feeling” on internet usage :slight_smile:

PS i was very aggressive in lowering the up/down Mbit figures from the ones shown on the test site


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Hey Tom, I have both an xcp-ng host and a truenas box both backing up to backblaze. Due to the speed of the link, the backups sometimes overlap so picking a throttle speed is tricky. Could I use a traffic limit like this to limit all traffic to backblaze at a certain rate?

I do believe its applied at the interface level perhaps you can create some firewall rules that then get shaped based on your conditions and the other traffic not.

Or apply the shaping to a vlan and put your machines on that.