How to determine how many APs required for a warehouse?

Hi guys,

Excuse the noobish question.

I’ve been tasked with investigating installing new access points in a warehouse for the staff to use wireless scanners, wireless printers, mobile devices etc in the warehouse and loading dock area. I was thinking of using Unifi gear with the new U6-LR APs since they want future proofing and it’s a very long warehouse (about 110m by 50m). From the size I estimate about 10 APs should be enough, but as I kept researching there are people suggesting to place an AP at every aisle (or two).

From a quick basic wifi survey there’s not much wifi competition around, apart from a bunch of TP Link Deco’s that’s being used for a makeshift wifi. Can provide further info if relevant.

So my main question is, assuming the warehouse is just your typical metal racking almost to the roof, how much impact does these metal racking have on the wifi signal?

The metal racking will block wifi at a variable rate depending on density and content. The best way to determine it to get the UniFi AP you are going to use and do a temp mount on the ceiling then test.

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Thanks. Looks like I have no choice but to wait until the APs arrive to do real world test with…