How to designate which port of which NIC to have Xen Orchestra bind to?

I’m running Xen Orchestra on an Ubuntu VM with two virtual NICs attached to VM. The two NICs are designated eth0 and wg1. wg1 is a wireguard NIC and eth0 is a non-wireguard NIC.

Within the xen-orchestra configuration xo-server.toml, all I see is the option to bind to a specific port

port = 443

When starting the xo-server.service, xo-server listens on port 443 however this port seems bound to the eth0 interface, not the wg1 interface.

I’d actually like xo-server to listen on wg1 and not on eth0. I’m unfortunately not a networking expert nor expert using xen-orchestra. Is it possible to configure xo-server to listen on a specific NIC?

My assumption is that since XO starts before the WG interface exists that you would have to change the start order. What would make more sense to me is not doing that, but instead just accessing it by it’s IP via the VPN connection.

@LTS_Tom - I understand what you’re saying in terms of start delay particularly the wg interface as this would undoubtedly be delayed prior to eth0 or some other interface. But if you had two actual NICs, each on a different VLAN, how would XO know which card to bind to? Would eth0 (or equivalent) always be prioritized over eth1 or eth2? Other programs, for example lets say nginx, you would put in the configuration to bind port 80 or port 443. How does the program decide this is going to be port 80/443 on eth0 or eth1 or ethX?

It’s in XO build config somewhere, I just don’t know where.