How to create my Lab in Proxmox?

Perhaps someone has already done this or knows the approach to achieve this. Proxmox is set up, running fine, now I want to create a Lab environment to play with pfsense which isn’t on the same address range of my current vlans.

Basically I want to create the above two vms, however, I’m not sure how the proxmox networking should be done.

How should I setup the NICs on the pfsense VM ? Can I create the 10.0.0.x LAN ?

If I can create my pfsense VM then I ought to be able to create my Client 01 VM but now how do I access Client 01 VM ( from my network from say ?

Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

According to your diagram 192.168.20.x is the ISP which would mean you would need appropriate firewalls rules in psfense to allow that to happen.

192.168.20.x is the WAN address for my Pfsense … the PfSense is for a lab not my network, I already have PfSense running above the switch so to speak.

Anyway I see I can create a Linux Bridge without it connecting to anything so I think that’s the way to go, it didn’t occur to me before.