How to connect the PFSense box the best way

Hi all,

I need your help guys with setting up my home network now.

My current situation right now again is.

  1. ISP VodafoneDeutschland (cable modem)
    *’'The VodafoneStation box is really messed up, not powerful Wi-Fi, not great stable wired connection nothing. So read a lot of articles on the internet, and to replace it with an Fritzbox 6591 Cable modem. *
    I have bought this modem, unfortunately the modem does not support ‘‘bridge mode’’ so that all the NETWORKING goes through my PFSense box.’’

And that’s it, nothing else I have. THE Vodafone station can be setup in bridge mode.

Now I want to install and configure a PFSense but what is the best solution to do?

Just from the 4 LAN ports, 1 to the PFSense box and then everything from there wiring further or?

I want to do the following with the PFSense.

  1. VLAN’s for internal network as Guest network.
  2. Firewall rules adding for home and Guest network.
  3. VPN link to my NAS at home
  4. Adding DNS resolver, blocker etc.

It would go from the Vodafone station in bridge mode right to the WAN of the pfsense. All all devices would be plugged into LAN or any other internal networks you create.

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So better to bring back the Fritzbox in this case. And stil use the old Vodafone station? You are telling me.

Use which ever device that will let you set bridge mode and give the pfsense a public IP address.

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