How to configure shutdown and restart proxmox for ubuntu?

i just start working on proxmox ve but i have some problem with managing the VM like shutdown and restart it works with windows but with linux it doesn’t
need help

Hello @elyeschabchoub

Maybe you need to install Qemu-guest-agent in to the virtual machine. We need more information or error code ?

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in the VM Options in Proxmox, make sure QEMU Agent is set to Enabled. Then shutdown and start up the VM (don’t just reboot it). Next on the summary page for the VM, see if the IP address(es) show. If they do, the Guest Agent is working. If they don’t, then you may need to install it manually, or maybe its installed but not set to start at boot.

I had this issue and I think installing qemu-guest-agent (then reboot the guest) fix it for me.

Once you install the guest agent or make any “hardware” changes to a VM you need to stop the VM and then start it again for the changes to take effect.