How to choose the right VoIP system?


We are a mid-sized company (~160 employees, but probably 70-80 need phone lines.) 2 offices, one in New York, and one in LA.

We are planning to switch because the Webex app doesn’t work reliably. Sometimes it rings, and sometimes we have to wait seconds to connect.

Since you do not change a phone system frequently, I want to do solid research. Can someone recommend some key points that I should ask from Vendors?

Here is what we need:

  • most (95%) calls within the US
  • reliable softphone/application
  • texting
  • routing calls/call groups

Good to have:

  • SSO
  • MS Teams integration
  • Call statistics and history

I appreciate every piece of advice. :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hello, regarding “reliability” ask for references or customer testimonials regarding call quality and uptime, also inquire about features like HD voice, video conferencing, and screen sharing within the application. Texting is pretty common and not many tricks to be found here, but ensure that testing integrates seamlessly with the system and offers features like group messaging and MMS, also ask about additional costs associated with this feature (they usually jsut send the bill without even awaring fro mthe beginning).
If your company uses Microsoft Teams for collaboration and communication, inquire about the level of integration offered by the VoIP system, verify whether the integration supports features like click-to-call, presence status synchronization, and unified messaging. Ask about the reporting and analytics capabilities of the VoIP system, including call statistics, call history logs, and real-time monitoring, inquire about the availability of customizable reports and dashboards to track key metrics such as call volume, duration, and performance.
In the end just request a detailed pricing proposal from the vendor, including upfront costs, monthly subscriptions, and any additional fees for add-on features or usage. This is generally all the basic question that may arise to a vendor regarding your criterias.

Thank you for the detailed answer!

I had a call with Nextiva, but the way they market is to aggressive + I see some negative comments here.

Teams Phone (from Microsoft) was one candidate but it doesn’t have texting or other call statistics features.

The next two candidates are RingCentral and Dialpad.

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The company I work for uses GoTo. It is pretty slick and has served us well.

Hi Hunor,

Are you looking for solutions that you can host on your own, or are you looking for a VoIP/PBX provider that will provide managed services?



I am looking for a provider. I don’t think I can convince people to host a system. Small IT Team, with a lot of different tasks.

I am using openphone, you can check maybe you have them too in your region.

Hi @hunor, if you want, feel free to PM me and I’ll gladly share our rates.

We can satisfy all of the needs you’re looking for. We do not like to push/force our products on anyone. If you’re open for a call, let me know. Would love the opportunity to answer your questions to help you make an informed decision.