How To Build Xen Orchestra From Sources 2024

Load Debian 12 in a VM on XCP-NG (or where ever you prefer) and as of January 2024 it is recommended that the allocate at least 4GB of ram to that machine and as many CPU resources as you find reasonable. The source code compiling process speed will vary greatly based on what you have allocated.
Here is the script used GitHub - ronivay/XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater: Xen Orchestra install/update script

Here are the commands used in the video:

git clone

cd XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater

cp sample.xo-install.cfg xo-install.cfg

vim xo-install.cfg

sudo apt-get install openssl

sudo mkdir /opt/xo

sudo openssl req -newkey rsa:4096 \
            -x509 \
            -sha256 \
            -days 3650 \
            -nodes \
            -out /opt/xo/xo.crt  \
            -keyout /opt/xo/xo.key

Then run the and choose option 1 to kick off the install process

Once complete you will be able to log into the system using the following credentials

pass: admin

If you are wanting to use this in production here is the latest blog post covering their new bundled pricing you can go to or read their updated bundled pricing here Introducing Vates Virtualization Management Stack

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If you don’t want to bother building from source you can use the docker container from the same guy that made this script.

Or download the VM image from one of the XCP-NG hosts (code near the container info) which is the quickest way to get a fresh system up and running (besides using an external computer to run XO-CE).

Only issue i find is that the plugins are “missing”.
Theres no way to get them loaded so…

How are you building the Orchestra, what method

The method Tom shown in the video and outlined here.

By default, from the script as shown in the video, it loads all the plugins.

If you skip the “copy example config” step, it might self generate the config and not load the plugins. Just a guess though.