How to block facebook / youtube and instagram without blocking google

Hello i need to set up a web filter to block some website without blocking google.
i already tried pfblockerNG but when I load some StevenBlack list, i cannot access google all internet traffic are blocked, i want to block only pornsites and social sites on our Frontdesk PC and admin offices PC. thanks

im using it in hotel setup, i want to block only Admin Offices and Front Desk IP address, and the rest (Guest) that are connecting are can access any websites.


Check out Tom’s videos on pfblockerng. . I find his tutorials are great and are greatly appreciated.

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If you are sharing the same lan between guests and the main office, that’s brave !

I’d suggest if you are not already using vLANs that you do as then you can securely segment your network. Keep guests on their own vLAN.

You might need to upgrade your switches and wireless access points, if they don’t support vLANS.

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i try this but youtube is not block

Why do you need to block instagram though? As a possibility, you could use defense system in order to cover your account from “grey” followers. Thus you will save yourself and your account from lowering your activity.

I’ve used OpenDNS to block porn sites for a budget computer lab before. It’s still working for them and it even comes with a imited dashboard to manage it all.
You just have to force the clients to use OpenDNS for their DNS.