How to block certain browser like opera or brave

Can i use pfsense to block specific browser? like OPera and Brave?

or is it even possible sir?

You cannot block applications with a firewall. If it’s windows you can use group policy to block applications.

You may be able to do this with Zenarmor, they claim it works but I haven’t tried it yet. Zenarmor Next Genereation Firewall
There are directions on installing for pfsense, but most of their documentation seems to be giving me a 404 error today. Also it is not an official package, so if you have a paid version of pfsense, then you probably won’t be able to load it.

I’m testing OPNsense and the free Zenarmor version, it’s doing a lot of what I want for site blocking, but limited in free. Running on an HP T740 right now and I seem to have a plenty of headroom right now. I do recommend 16gb of ram though, OPN doesn’t seem to be as optimized as PF for ram use. Suricata, Crowdsec, and Zenarmor all running right now, also Zabbix but it isn’t really set up correctly yet, need to get back to this part.

This is something better done at the application layer, by detecting the user agent string.

However, why would you even want to do this? Don’t try to recreate the Internet of the Internet Explorer 4 days where some website developers would artificially break websites if you weren’t running it.