How to benchmark xcp-ng storage


We are looking at creating an HA webserver cluster of 4 host and DRBD as the common shared storage on 3 hosts.

Our infrastructure has made of 4 xcp-ng host and 1x EqualLogic SAN (all ssd).

All the host run 6x ssd hdd on raid5 hardware clustered together using XOSTOR.

For the purpose of this webserver setup, we are trying to determine if we will get better performance out of using EqualLogic SAN or the XOSTOR storage as XOSTOR is already running DRBD itself on 3 hosts so I am not sure. In order to find out, I will create my cluster first on the XOSTOR SR, do the test and them move the VM to the EqualLogic SR and test again.

The only issue (big one) is that I have never done benchmarking before. Could anyone please advice on the tools to use? All the VM in the cluster are centos 8 with no GUI, CLI only

Thank you

The easiest way to do it would be with the specific benchmark for disk testing is FIO and the command is:
phoronix-test-suite benchmark pts/fio

The more complex way is using FIO directly, but you won’t get the fancy comparison charts

@LTS_Tom Thank you very much for the quick reply. Will I get the same result using any of the 2 ways? If so then the first methode might be better for me

Phoronix uses the same tool FIO, but does has lots of automation and reporting.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: