How to authenticate on multiple linux VM's with yubikey via SSH?

Watching both Tom’s and Jay’s videos about the yubikeys I bought 2 ubikey 5’s… But since usb can not be shared with multiple vm’s at the same time, how do you do this then?

Are you trying to authenticate ssh to those vms?

Yeh I’m using SSH and intend to also use 2F yubikey just like was talked about in Tom’s video… But yeh… it is a USB device… so there lies the prroblem.

Not really. If you are using SSH with with the ybikey, then all you will need to do is ensure that the packages are installed on the destination machines and that the public key is on their as well. I have my public key pushed out to hundreds of servers via ansible.

uhm… still the yubikey would need to be (virtually) plugged into each VM you want to authenticate on

I have a video on using SSH U2F with Fido

Thanks Tom, yes I know… like I mentioned I watched your videos and Jay’s… Setup of yubikey on a vm is fine… but using it on multiple servers was an issue as it kept asking me to insert my ubikey, touch it… But yeah… usb is passed through/connected to one usb port, not to other vm’s… You can’t share usb devices when in use.

Been a long week so maybe I’m just missing something here :slight_smile: