How to access pfsense webgui from using tplink router as a main router

Firstly, I am using pfsense as a main router for my smb and a tp-link router as a dual wan gateway for seamless internet connectivity.
I have assigned a static ip to Pfsense router from the tp-link one and now i want to access webgui of pfsense router from wan using tp-link ddns.
Am attaching few screenshots of my setup and a small explanation.

Internet----Tp-link Router-----Pfsense—local network

Pfsense WAN —> getting ip from tp-link router


I want to access pfsense webgui using my public ip but the problem is my isp provides dynamic ip so i want to use tplink ddns from my tp-link router and make pfsense act as a local server or machine which can be accessed using ddns address.

I assume the answer in TP-Link would be to configure port forwarding but I really don’t recommend opening up the web management port to the public internet.

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Most certainly no, just asking for trouble.