How pfSense Puts Its Hostname in DNS

I have pfsense with several VLANs on it, and one is intended for management only.
Currently, when I do a DNS lookup for the firewall’s hostname it is resolving to the VLAN I have assigned to “LAN”. I’ve check in DNS resolver and there is no override configured.

Does anyone know what might cause pfsense to register the LAN interface in DNS by default, and where to change it?

Your firewall interface is bound to the LAN interface. I’m not 100% sure what you are trying to do.

I have multiple interfaces. And yes the management interface I setup is a “LAN type” interface in that it would be considered part of the inside network. However, I’ve spent time configuring rules and binding some services only to that management interface (like NTP). My question is to learn what is causing the firewall to register one of the inside interfaces, which in my case actually happens to be named “LAN”. I’m thinking if I can find how this happens, I could just change it to the interface I want.

Ha! I finally found it! Hopefully this will help others:
Look at Services > DNS Resolver > Advanced Settings
Scroll down near the bottom and check the box “Disable auto-added Host Entries”
Now apply it and the A record will get removed from DNS.
Then go back to Services > DNS Resolver > General.
Now create a host override for the firewall’s FQDN and point it to the IP you want.

Here is the article that pointed me in the right direction. That post suggested adding custom options, but I wasn’t sure of the syntax. Creating an override appears to do the same thing.

The person’s grammar isn’t great, but it’s good enough to communicate the solution. Scroll down to the last post and you’ll get the idea. Default pfSense hostname is external IP? | Netgate Forum