How does cp and mv handle files?

So we got to discuss a question at work today how does cp actually work?
With that I mean, when you issue “cp file1 /folder/to/move/to” when does the file actually appear on the goal?
As Windows, the filename appears straigth away or like we’d like it to work it pops up when the file is finished copying.

Anyone know?

immediately after the process of copying the file was completed, assuming the folder to does exist in /folder/to/move/, otherwise file1 will get renamed to to.

What do you mean by “appear” or “pop up”? Do you mean whether it automatically appears in the graphical file manager, without having to refresh the window? I guess that depends on the desktop environment you are using, and I can’t speak for all of them, but at least in Nautilus on Gnome it does automatically “pop up”.