How do you find contract help?

Hey guys, another 1-man MSP in the Dallas area and I find myself needing to do a few things:

  1. I have a client that manages multiple apartments that include several in Houston. It’s not really an option for me to drive 5 hours for a site visit as needed, so how do you guys go about finding someone willing to contract maybe once a month as needed to go onsite for issues?

  2. I probably need to hire a full-time employee to run the day-to-day issues so I can manage the clients on the back end. Just curious what has worked for others in this regard.

As it pertains to getting help in the past, I’ve used Upwork to hire remote people to work on issues that I’m not proficient in and that’s worked well for me. I’ve found a few guys that I go back to regularly for specific server issues, etc. So I’m trying to see what you guys have found to be helpful.


The best way is to have a good working relationship with other IT firms in the areas you need help, next best option is to use something like to find techs. The downside of Field Nation or related sites is you may not get the best or most consistent work.

Thanks, good information here. I’ve also thought about building relationships with other firms, but I imagine their hourly rate would be a limitation vs a contractor that I would use from time to time. I’ll check into the link you posted, see what I find there.