How do I see the full URLs my kids are visiting (multiple devces)

I have a PFSense and Ubiquiti network. With my kids using desktops, Chromebooks and Fire tablets.

What can I use to log the URLs my kids devices are viewing? I have tried to research various options and tried a few different things but the most detail I am getting is top level domains. I am open to spending money if I have to.

Things I have tried:

  • OpenDNS - this only provides domains for the whole network, not the individual devices, and top level domains
  • ntopng via pfsense package - I can only seem to get top level domains, I might be missing something.
  • Researched Circle - stats only top level domains
  • Squid via pfsense - reasearched that via HTTPS I most likely will only get top level domains, and if I want HTTPS I have to install the proxy and add certs to all the devices on the network. That might cause other issues that might make this undo-able
  • Several people have pointed to Untangle, but I can’t seem to find “logging full URLs” If you can point to specifics that would be great
  • pointed to UTM, but that got really general and I need some suggestions if it is an additional device I need to stick into my network

Does Ubiquiti have a device that would log all device’s full URLs? I have been extremely happy with Ubiquiti and willing to purchase their solution.

Let me rephrase this as a business requirement and maybe get some bites…

There is an employee that is under investigation and all of their full URLs need to be logged. This investigation could be for corporate espionage or utilization of corporate resources that violate the company policy.

Any suggestions?