How do I get TrueNAS to update the ZFS list of pools?

I am using TrueNAS Core 12.0-U1.1 and I had originally set up a ZFS pool and dataset called share as a striped pool/volume using four HGST 6 TB SATA 6 Gbps 7200 rpm drives.

Two days ago, I finished migrating all of the data from said pool onto another server, destroyed the pool, and created the pool again, but this time, under the same name, but as a raidz-1 pool/volume.

When I check zpool list, it is still reporting the old pool capacity 21.8 TiB/11.3 TiB allocated/10.5 TiB free.

When I check zpool status share, it reports it as a raidz1-0 pool.

When I check zfs list share, it reports it as 8.25 TiB used/7.10 TiB available (i.e. the correct values).

How do I make/force an update so that when I run the zpool list command, it will show the correct sizes for the pool?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


I have never had TrueNAS not show the correct ZFS pools, might want to post over in their forums.

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