How do I block users from BitTorrent sites?

I need to prevent users from accessing BitTorrent sites but lack the knowledge to accomplish this. Can someone point me in the right direction?


You can try inspecting some DNS providers they have “family” type options. However, it’s pretty difficult to block p2p traffic. Depending on the users most controls can be circumvented.

Deep packet inspection is what is really needed to block this. It is one of the common reasons we end up recommending Untangle firewalls as they have that built in.

Currently using a Netgate 3100. Is this a case for using pfBlocker?

Not really, it does DNS blocking but torrent traffic is more than just sinkholing a few sites.

Perhaps another way to go about it is to apply traffic shaping, there are some videos on the topic :wink: then really limit the bit torrent traffic. Had looked into this in the past out of general interest.

How do I ID bit torrent traffic to then limit with traffic shaper?

Take a look at this guy