How block and allow in pfsense

hello sir

how can i allow facebook and youtube in pfblocker for specific IP’s i already manage to block them via PFblocker but how can i allow specific IP’s to access facebook and youtube only thank you sir

appreciate your help

You can not, PFBlocker only allows for one profile

what do you mean by one profile sir?

You can not have multiply PFBlocker profiles (configurations), that you can apply to different users

i see

i just only create a rule for an specifc ip to allow to use fb and youtube

and it works

I may be wrong, but when I experimented with pfblockerNG last year, I seem to recall that I could tell it which interfaces/VLANs to filter. So while you can only have one pfblocker profile, you could have a VLAN that you control access too, with its own unique ip address range, that remains unfiltered.

In this video I go more in depth about how content filtering works which may give you a better understanding of the topic.