Hostnames - Share your prefered naming conventions!

I’m in the process of migrating the majority of my home network over to IPv6 and tidy up some of the hostnames (given that DNS will feature heavily in an IPv6 environment).

How do you all name your various client devices, servers, network infrastructure etc…?

Currently I use the following format (loosely): DHH-[String]

D designates a one letter device type. e.g.: S for server, N for network infrastructure, C for client device etc…

HH designates number in hexadecimal which relates to the physical site itself.

[String] is variable in length and is a descriptive name for the device.

e.g.: S5F-NAS1 is a NAS server. C5F-SMG960U-1 is a Samsung Galaxy S9.

Our company doesn’t deal with client devices (We are networking only), but basically we have:
-<Building/Floor/IDF>-<numerical sequence, reset per building/floor/IDF>-Description

ABCDE-21-AP11-Room2109 - the 11th AP on the 21st floor, description 2109
ABCDE-IDF10-SW01 - first switch in IDF10 (information about the IDFs like floor and what its inside of is stored elsewhere, and switches generally don’t need a description)
ABCDE-01-AP01-FrontDesk - first AP on 1st floor, located at the Front Desk
GHIJK-B02-AP12-Apt1536 - 12th AP in building 2, in Apartment 1536

Our codes:
SW - switch
R - router (used in the purest sense)
GW - gateway (a device responsible for the captive portal redirect and device bandwidth limiting)
FW - firewall
WC - wireless controller
WB - wireless bridge
OA - other appliance (VM server, VMs)

Here is my current naming scheme was taken from my documentation:

All my equipment either physical or virtual uses the following standard and any exceptions are noted in my documentation and I do have some known exceptions listed in the naming design below.

Known Exceptions:

  • Limitations by the hardware manufacturer
  • Limitations from the software developer
  • Devices that leave the documented network(s), such as portable devices

Naming Structure:

Name Lenght:

Names shall be made up of nine (9) characters that consist of lowercase alphabetic characters and numeric characters.

Naming Pattern:

Names will be assigned using the following format: CCC/PPP/##/S.

Where “CCC” represents the classification, “PPP” represents the primary function, “##” is an incremental number and the “S” represents the physical or virtual state of the equipment.

Pattern Components

CCC Component:

  • NET = Networking equipment
  • SRV = Server equipment
  • DEV = Device equipment

PPP Component:

  • CAM = Security Camera
  • NID = Network Ingress Device
  • STO = Storage Server
  • SWI = Network Switch
  • UCT = Unifi Controller
  • WAP = Wireless Access Point


  • APP = Application Server
  • CLD = Cloud Server
  • CMM = Centralized Media Manager
  • DLM = Download Server
  • DOC = Documentation Server
  • FRM = Forum Server
  • HTP = Web Server
  • HYP = Virtualization Server
  • INV = Invoice Server
  • MUL = Music Library Server
  • MOL = Movie Library Server
  • TVL = TV Show Library Server
  • MDA = Media Server
  • MGW = Mail Gateway Server
  • MTA = Mail Server
  • NVR = Network Video Recorder
  • PRX = Proxy Server
  • PTR = Print Server
  • SCN = Scan Server
  • SEC = Security Server
  • SRH = Search Server
  • STA = Statistics Server
  • SYN = Sync Server
  • TIX = Ticket Server
  • VCS = Voice Chat Server
  • WIK = Wiki Server


  • DSK = Desktop
  • LAP = Laptop
  • PLY = Media Player
  • PTR = Printer
  • SCN = Scanner
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