Hosting Services for Customer

Good Day All,

Can you please give me some help and guidance, I have been asked by a customer to host a Windows VM for him that will the main control server for the access control systems at his 2 offices. He has staff that move between the 2 offices and want a central database and reporting system. I already have the software for the access control system, it was a free download.

I have no idea on how to price this, and thus I cant quote him. I would really appreciate some help and advice.

Thank you.

Here is how much Azure charges, add at least 25% plus the time it take to setup and manage updates.

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Thank you for that info, but I will be hosting the VM on my own server in my network rack as I need to do some black box magic to make the software think that the 2 access controllers are on the same physical network and not operating across VPNs.

I am using Supermicro servers with proxmox and mikrotiks routers to “spoof” the lan connections.

Thank you