Homelab.show RSS link?

I’m very excited to hear that the new homelab show that Tom and Jay are doing is now a podcast. However it appears that they might have missed putting the RSS link on the website. At least I can’t find it. I’m also unable to find it in antennapod which supports searching many popular podcast directories. I know that they said there still working on getting everything setup so I thought I’d mention it before they were finished.

We will get it linked withing the website soon The Homelab Show


I too am looking for this as I couldn’t find it in my podcast player (BeyondPod)

I found it in the link @LTS_Tom posted

> https://thehomelab.show/feed/podcast/

@LTS_Tom word press is 404ing the podcast feed. The Homelab Show
No rush just wanted to let you know about it.